promotion Oct2009-Jan2010 by Ahzadesign Photography
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Sunday, November 22, 2009


 Well guys... the fact that we (Ahzadesign) has already moved to our official blog.. ( does not means that this blog will not be entertained... We are still active with this blog and now it has been acted as my (chikozawa) personal blog..

As you'll can see.. there's has been a few ongoing promotion that we have arrange until January 2010 but that does not mean that in 2010, we won't having more promotion...

Also, I would like to show some of our recent and past customer's photos to make sure that you won't be left alone just by visiting my personal blog...

Rafiq & Aini





Ashadi Rashid | Create Your Badge

promotion Oct2009-Jan2010 by Ahzadesign Photography

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